I poured my first drink at 7 years old. I was behind my grandfather’s basement bar in the Bronx on a summer Sunday afternoon. While he cooked, I served Coca Colas to everyone who came up to the four-stool fixture. WCBS-FM on the radio and the Yankees on the TV. As I stood behind the “stick,” I familiarized myself with dozens of bottles tiered on three shelves. Bright signs advertising the popular beers and spirits dating back to the 1940’s illuminated the dimly lit area while mirror ads hung on the back wall.

Eight years later I got my first restaurant job as a busboy and soon found myself behind the stick again (a much larger one than grandpa’s) only this time serving cocktails and mixed drinks along with those Coca Colas. Who would have guessed for the next 30 plus years I would be somehow involved in the restaurant/bar industry?

Several years ago I joined the family owned team at Fratelli, a classic neighborhood Italian restaurant. I brought years of service experience as well as neighborhood familiarity to an instantly popular business. Soon after afforded the opportunity to assume management roles, I have had the pleasure of continuing to serve our loyal and new patrons from several Bronx and nearby suburban communities for the past 12 years. I look forward to meeting you next time you’re in the neighborhood.